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@B8esportsGG. I’m very very sorry, but you’ve just got baited. Ukraine Lviv Joined August 2011.

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Dota is all about snowballing with small windows of number’s advantage.

Danil Ishutin on Twitter: “My only twitch account is Dendi …

My only twitch account is Dendi! Please be careful with scammers guys.

Danil Ishutin on Twitter: “Keep calm and trust Dendi …

Tan perdiendo todo hijos de puta, pedile huevos a mascherano dendi.

Danil Ishutin on Twitter: “I went to sleep with a new patch and …

24.2.2022 — I went to sleep with a new patch and woke up with a war.

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Danil Dendi Ishutin. @DendiTheWarrior. Thanks You For Supporting Na’Vi! Follow Me I Follow Back. Joined July 2014. 3 Following · 13 Followers · Tweets.

Danil Ishutin on Twitter: “at HOTEL ! waiting for tomorrow …

at HOTEL ! waiting for tomorrow . Small chances that we go Shanghai tomorrow.

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dendi Retweeted · · @VGORefsgg. ·. Jan 28. $210.00 GIVEAWAY! ☆ Huntsman Knife | Autotronic [FT] To enter: ✓ Follow us &.

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Dendi Suhubdy | Bitwyre. @dendisuhubdy. Co-Founder. @bitwyre. HFT Exchange Systems. Bitwyre is not available in the United States and other prohibited …

DOTA 2 on Twitter: “Dendi gets hyped for a special 1v1 match …

Dendi gets hyped for a special 1v1 match vs OpenAI’s pro-level Shadowdfiend bot. #TI7. Image. 11:54 PM · Aug 11, 2017 · 313. Retweets · 50. Quote Tweets.

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